Decks and Patios

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Covered Patio and Deck Additions

With summer approaching, outdoor parties, backyard BBQ's, and simply relaxing outside can be just the thing you need at the end of a busy day. A deck or covered patio can be just what your home needs to entertain your friends and co-workers. No patio? No problem! We provide quality deck construction in the Colorado Springs area!

A deck or porch is great for:
  • Adding value to your property
  • Shade on hot summer days
  • Enjoying summer without harmful rays

A Deck or Covered Patio Can Increase the Value of Your Home

A deck is a rather inexpensive investment that can provide quite a return if you ever decide to sell your home. Those in the market for a new home really like to see finished projects on a potential future home.

Extra Shade

Do you have a lot of sun in your home in the evening? Do you have to run the AC in order to compensate for the extra heat? A covered deck or patio can help with that! A covered deck or patio will provide shade outside and inside your home as well! In fact, a covered area can block up to seventy-eight percent of the sun's heat. This can help you save nearly twenty percent on your energy bills. In essence, the covered area will eventually pay for itself. What better reason to consider building a deck?

Enjoy Warm Weather Without Being Directly in the Sun

A covered deck or patio will allow you to enjoy much more time outdoors. Sure, a regular deck will allow you enjoy the outdoors, but once the hot sun comes out, you might be driven back indoors in search of relief from the heat. Also, if your patio or deck is covered, you can stay outdoors rain or shine! You can curl up on the porch swing or in a rocking chair with a good book, a cool drink, and the rhythmic rain in your ears.

Be on Your Deck All Year Around Winter

A covered deck or patio is a great place for outdoor cooking. Save yourself the hassle and time it takes to make sure all your outdoor cooking equipment is in storage or covered before the winter comes. It will already be covered. You’ll also avoid restricting your guests to the confines of your home - you can all visit in comfort on a covered deck or patio.

Don’t delay. Let’s create the deck of your dreams. Contact us today!