Garage Construction

garage construction

Garage Construction and Expansion

If you are like a lot of Colorado Springs residents you either have a small single car garage or no garage at all. If you have been looking to add more garage space or simply update your garage, having the right construction company is key to the process.

The addition of a garage also means having a place to store things you wouldn’t necessarily want in the house but you also don’t want outside. For most people, protecting property from weather is reason enough to move forward with the addition of a garage.

Protect Your Vehicle from Harsh Weather Conditions

Your vehicle is likely the highest valued item you own. Protection from the elements is even more important in a place like Colorado Springs due to our unique weather conditions. The slightest hint of rain can send residents in a frenzy looking for the nearest shelter for their vehicle.

The following are issues that can occur when you leave your car outdoors in Colorado Springs:

  • Rust on the metallic parts
  • Weakened top coat
  • Dents
  • Hail damage
  • Scratches
  • Broken Windows

A garage helps you avoid these damages including those caused by ultraviolet solar rays and extreme cold or hot temperatures. Not only that, but a garage can also act as a workshop, auto maintenance area, or even a place to practice hobbies not suited for a family room.

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